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What kind of memory foam is good?

An important difference between memory foams is if it is a moulded product or a foamed process. The moulded foam is much, much cheaper and is incomparable with the quality of the foamed product. A moulded product will almost let no moisture through and will heat up very quickly as it cannot breathe (a closed cell structure). The better brands will never work with moulded foam but work with more expensive procedures like foaming and use better quality materials. Good memory foam will react by getting softer to body temperature of 28-29 degrees while some poorer memory foams will barely react if at all to temperature thus an important part of the memory foam effect will be lost. A good tip is by blowing directly on the foam with your mouth you can test for yourself if the foam reacts by getting softer. There is also memory foam on the market that reacts heavily with temperature which causes several problems with your body sinking too deeply into the mattress and making moving around in bed uncomfortable, especially in the colder months of winter. Also the total weight (density) tells us something about the quality; in principal it works as follows; the lighter the more the air, the heavier the less the material breathes and therefore the poorer quality it is.

I would therefore advise you not only to look at if it is moulded or foamed but to look at the temperature sensitivity, the density and the supplier. The bigger name brands are far more trustworthy because they work with the best materials and not inferior/cheap materials. However, if you purchase a house brand or an unknown brand you have to ask a lot of questions; like where the foam comes from and who the producer is as well as what density it is, etc. Of course most suppliers don’t want to tell you who there supplier is. This makes perfect sense otherwise everyone would try to buy from the supplier direct so you could ask at least how long they have had a relationship with their factory or producer. Like with most products if you find something very cheap it is most likely an indication that it is poor quality foam or from an unreliable or somewhat questionable factory.

The durability (lifetime) of a mattress is also very important. You can see by what kind of guarantee they offer the idea of the lifespan of the bed. Is it fully guaranteed or is it a limited warranty that is very short? Naturally a fully guaranteed product is better because the factory is sure about its product. Some memory foams feel perfect when you buy them but they dry out relatively quickly and lose their shape and comfort over a short space of time. A memory foam bed is very difficult to judge how long it will last so this is why buying a product without a long guarantee/warranty is not a smart move. Nothing is better than a real test (sleeping on it) instead of artificial simulated testing with test dummies. The foams that I personally really like all come from reliable producers and are fully tested with more than 12 years on the market. Its just that you leave out so many problems if the product is already proven.