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Trial Periods

Maybe the most important aspect is a trial period. I have seen over and over again how disappointed people were when the product they purchased wasn’t what they expected even though they really tried to seek the perfect bed for them. A trial period will avoid a lot of problems but then again you still must be careful of how they offer their trial period. Can you get a full refund or are you required to get a credit note in store for another product when returning your item. Do they charge you for the bed being sent back to them or is this covered by them. The best situation would be that you can give the product back and get 100% your money back if the product is not the right one for you.

It’s also important that you do have enough time to try out your bed properly; in my eyes you need a minimum of 30 days. This is due to the importance that your body gets the chance to get used to the new correct sleeping posture. As a result of this you will get some pains here and there in the beginning this is almost always the case at first but it stops after 2-3 weeks after your posture has been corrected. (yes, memory foam actually corrects your posture while you sleep hence the relief of back ache and other pains) This is why a month minimum trial period is necessary.

Above all I can advise you to go for quality. You do not need to buy the most expensive bed but do not buy the cheapest one either, your rest and your health is something too important to compromise on quality.

I have been in the bed business for over 10 years since 1998 producer of royal health foam. Through the website I have tried to give objective information so you have a clear vision of where to look for a really good quality memory foam mattress.

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